Who Is This



I am young entrepreneur/blogger on the interwebs doing my best everyday to add value to others who are pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors as well. I have been a student of the school of hard knocks most of my life, and have gained what seems like immeasurable amounts of lessons from the situations I have been through, whether by choice or force. I have used what happened to me early in life as fuel to become the best at whatever I set my mind to, whether it’s business online or in the real world or athletic pursuits, I will give my best to you just as I do everything else!




Entrepreneurial wise, I am young in my journey but hungry for knowledge none the less. I have been involved with a network marketing company, I’ve started a garage gym only to move onto another venture, I’ve developed a YouTube channel and now I am beginning my journey in internet marketing. I look forward to sharing with you all of the skills I pick up, the mistakes I make and the successes that are sure to come!


Athletically, I am by no means a gifted or a “stud” athlete. I began this journey after High school at 19 years young at 130 lbs. My first interest, as most other young men at 130 lbs. new to the sport of fitness looking for love, was bodybuilding. I trained with calisthenics for a while then moved onto an iron haven at the local college. I struggled for half a year only to loose weight and maintain a 125 lb frame. It was at this time I gave up my love affair with wanting to be big and also ripped at the same time and began a 4,500 calorie per day diet and twice as much training. And that was apparently just what I needed, with the help of my hormones and properly fueled fitness, I went from a slinky 125 lb. bod to a mostly fluffy and muscular 168 lb bod in about 6 months. I tell you about the fact that I had hormones on my side, as well as being a novice to bulking, otherwise these gains would be impossible. I say this because I’ve attempted the same jump with scaling up the calories, only to gain a spare tire and some strength. I lost the weight with CrossFit and have been training to compete in the sport since 2012. I am now a much more visibly appealing 170 lbs. and have learned quite a few lessons in the process, which I look forward to sharing.

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