When Should You “Lean Out”

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life is all about balance, yin and yang, hot and cold, fat and skinny. The best way to create this balance is with proper nutrition above all else, which is addressed in the book I collaborated on “Quick Paleo Meal Prep.” This book goes over all the fundamentals of fixing your junk diet and manipulating portions and ingredients to take you from fat to ripped, or skinny to Froning. However this post is about “leaning out” to keep the gains going, whether it’s fitness or business, there’s always a time for rest and recouping. 


By perma-bulk you know that I’m talking about the people who are always “bulking” with the intention of consistently adding muscle month after month. I’m not saying this is impossible, but I do know that your body has a point of critical mass when you’re constantly shoveling food in. After a while of realizing there will be a constant stream of food in excess, your body begins to store it as fat because that’s its primary method of operations after centuries of living on the edge of survival in the wilderness. So if you consistently shove in high calorie foods with no variation then you’ll only start to see “gainz” around your belt line. 


I know first hand that you can’t mash the gas pedal everyday for too long before the wheels start coming off in one form or another. Whether it’s growing apart from your family or pushing the ones you love out of your life with your constant focus on work, to maintain these great things takes times of intensity and times of rest. 

I’m not a doctor and I don’t play one on the Internet, see your licensed physician before applying anything you’re not used to. 

I personally go through a sustained low calorie diet anywhere from 1-3 months per year. This helps to reset the metabolism and give your body a chance to clean out all the garbage it accumulates during the bulking phase. Now I would get down to the point where I have a visible six pack and constantly visible vascularity just for the sake of asthetics and the beach season is usually when this happens. But you can get down lower or somewhat above, as long as you maintain it for at least a month and a half. I use the month and a half as a minimum because your body adapts quickly around the 90 day mark, and if you drastically shift around that point you’ll have the best results from my experience. We will discuss how to lean out healthily later, crash diets aren’t fun or useful for most people. Until then stay strong! 

Set a time to go through a “leaning out” phase, whether it’s business or fitness. And make time for family and enjoying the good in life, it’s a struggle at first but the rewards are well worth it! And you’re worth it! 

Paleo Prep ONE MORE WEEK!!

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I can’t express how excited I am to be getting back to “normal” Paleo Prep Meals! If you’re interested in how to make your own PERSONAL Paleo Prep Meals for the week of gym madness, I collaberated with this book appropriately named Quick Paleo Meal Prep. It is the last day of the free trial (May 4), and the book will be sold for $2.99 for a while, then it might jump to $7.99 so either way it’s best to get your copy tonight! And to celebrate the return of prepping my meals for the week I decided to put a slight prep session on the Slow Carb Diet :). So as I sit here at night with the glow of the computer screen on my face, food next to me (paleo prepped food), yerba mate tea and Star Wars V playing in the back ground, I’m ready to get into this!


Currently I am hovering around 170 lbs. with a significantly lower body fat than I had 4 weeks ago. I started this journey on the slow carb diet, among other things, as inspiration from Tim Ferriss. As I’ve said before, the diet is mostly meats and leafy greens with the added beans for energy. Now usually my strength goes down the tube anytime I start one of these semi-ketogenic diets; however, this diet has left me with my usual amount of strength incredibly. I’m used to dropping about 20-30 lbs on major lifts when I do a little recomp. but I’ve maintained all my lifts, I haven’t added much weight unfortunately, but not moving backwards is amazing to me in this area! My spirits are moderate, I started this change in eating with a positive outlook, mostly because I got to look forward to a full day of gluttony at the end of the week, but now it seems that even with the drastic results I’m ready to end the experiment. I started with a body weight of 180 lbs and a body fat level around 18%, now I’m comfortably at 171 lbs as of this morning with a body fat of approximately 9%.


I was tired of buying Tyson’s Chicken for the week and eating a room temperature can of black beans with most meals. So this week I went back to my roots of prepping ahead, while staying in the lines of the diet as much as possible, and this is what I came up with. 4.17 lbs of chicken, seasoned with olive oil, salt and pepper cooked on a Emeril grill (I love this thing more than any other cooking tool I’ve EVER had).

Combine that with 5 cans of black beans and two cans of rotel tomatoes and green chilis, cause TexMex is only the best food in the world! Before you put these into the pot together make sure you strain the black beans of the goo inside and rinse them at least 3 times thoroughly to get rid of the lingering juices. combine these into a stew pot, bring to a simmer and leave the delicious mix for about 12 mins.

This should yield six servings, and will get you through the week mostly. I don’t prepare a meal for every occasion because I know that without fail we will eat out at least three times per week, so why bother. This recipe is fast and cheap, if you’re looking to loose weight fast in four weeks just eat this meal for lunch and dinner 6 days per week, and if you eat out get chipotle with no corn, tortilla or dairy. It’s very simple and VERY bland, but yields amazing results! I hope you enjoyed this 🙂


Attempt this recipe in a one or two day period to set yourself up for massive success! I look forward to reading comments about amazing results later 🙂

HIIT Training

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I know of no other way to shred fat faster than with HIIT training! The only caveat is the requirement to fuel your body correctly. Which I can easily help with in the book I collaborated on, Quick Paleo Meal Prep, it’s in the Kindle Store now for .99 for a limited time (I think until the end of this week, May 2). We go over the struggle of not having food ready for the week and “falling off the wagon” time and again, also we give examples of ways to correct and properly prepare your eating week ahead of time, basically guaranteeing your success! But anyway, back to the HIIT!


A lot of people throw around the term HIIT training and have made plenty of money off of the people who bought into it strictly for the commercial aspect of shredding fat fast. But not many look deep enough to understand what’s going on to make the change happen the way that it does. HIIT training is performing high intensity exercise for short durations, usually using explosive body weight movements (sprints, jumps, plyo-movements, etc.). This is repeated anywhere from two to four times, or for a set amount of  time usually between 4-10 minutes. What this does is shock the body and heart into going into overdrive to perform at max capacity for however long you’re going for.

I would say for beginners, no more than twice per week. This will be enough to see results right away, and keep your body intact on the journey. As you get more accustomed to the intensity, play with the time domains. Then if you’re energized the rest of the week through, then add some extra days ONE AT A TIME. The goal is fitness for life nog got the summer, so keep it under control tiger. 

Do at least one session of HIIT cardio this week. Something simple and under 8 mins. if this is your first time. 

Eating Paleo For Muscle

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Yea that paleo thing is fine if you wanna loose weight or stay lean, but I wanna get JACKED! If I had a nickle for every time I heard this I’d have a lot of nickles. “Paleo” isn’t just a diet that people go on to loose weight, it’s a lifestyle. 

A diet is a short term way  of eating that restricts calories to promote weight loss. There is certainly emphasis on the “short” term. Most people get to where they want to be and then go off the rails in a big way, gain all the weight back, and start the cycle over again in a year when they’re heavier than the last year. It’s a cycle that 80% of people subscribe to and accept. 

So if a diet is a restriction of calories then weight gain is a surplus right? YUP, true you’ll need to eat more, volume wise, if you’re focusing on paleo, but your gains will have much more quality! So how I did it was about as simple as it gets. I ate balanced portions to total higher than average calories per day, but after my workouts I would have about a pound of mashed sweet potato and two cups of ground beef (fat drained). 

Because that’s the only time your body is willing to shuttle nutrients focused on muscle growth! Your muscle size is almost dead last on your bodies priority list, so when it’s been pushed to the limit or close, that’s when you need to cram all the QUALITY food in you can. Do a little home research on the glut4 compound and how it aids in muscle growth, you’ll be glad you did. For now you need to focus on totaling up how many calories you need to gain weight (300-400 over normal per day), and make that post workout meal as big as you can stomach without throwing up your gainz. Don’t factor in the post workout as your daily expenditure, as your body will put those foods to use ASAP. 

If your goal is weight gain then put this to the test. However if you’re focused on weight loss I would still add the post workout meal in there, just a whole lot smaller. This helps your body restore glucose stores after intense workouts and gets rid of the shakes of you’re training on a deficit. Again these calories basically don’t count if you put in a high quality workout, cause your body will put them to use right away. 

The Ice Age progress

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I started the Tim Ferris inspired “Ice Age” experiment last week to gain a little more aesthetics. It’s been a miserable and mentally challenging few days to say the least…


I started out around 178 lbs. with reasonably viewable abs.  Now I’ve got  a few veins showing on the sides and the lower 4 abs popping out at 175 lbs.! It’s been a great transformation for the time and effort that I’ve put in! 


I’m going to keep up with what I have been getting results from, maybe up the calories a little bit at certain points so I don’t risk taxing my energy. All in all though this has been a reasonably successful experiment. Challenging to say the least, but certainly successful!


I posted in this blog two days ago what I’m doing, you’re more than welcome to look at it and please leave comments with results if you do attempt! I think everyone should since this has been the greatest stones tester (and shrinker) I’ve ever done. I certainly appreciate a hot shower now! 

Good luck!


When paleo prep fails

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so I just got back from a weekend trip to S. Texas to see family, and only had a post workout meal prepped for the week (still questionable if it was past experation, but I’m still alive so we’ll see). 


Target! For what I would have paid for a similar meal at a food chain or restaurant, I got twice the quality and quantity. Broccoli and cauliflower, tuna and black beans with the splurge drink (but no added sugar or flavors so it’s all good), for $8! 


Some keyboard warriors might be planning a protest as you read this, saying that “legumes aren’t paleo!”. To this I say, easy brave heart, and keep in mind I train twice per day 3 days per week. So if I don’t have a high calorie legume in there somewhere I have the social appeal of a starving crocodile. 


I’M BACK! (Paleo Meal Prep intro)

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So it’s been a while huh, I had to take a little personal time to do a little “soul searching” to find out what I want for my families future as well as my own. (job wise, hobbies and DUN DUN DUNNNN….kids)

We don’t have kids yet!

Thankfully that much is true, not that I don’t want kids at all, but I’m only 25 so I want to grind as hard as I can now without taking time from family to build a life that supports my family with time and money. So that is what’s been going on with me!

What do we do now?

Well I’m eager and excited to hit some new goals that I have set for myself and providing the best quality content that I can! One thing that I have been working on recently I have picked up the habit of cooking! My dad has always been an amazing cook, and until recently I thought that the gene might have skipped a generation. UNTIL I merged my love of fitness and cooking to begin the new family tradition of…


I’m not sure if there are that many athletes that read these posts, but if you are, then you know the struggle with balancing healthy eating with fitness and life. It seems like the world wakes up before us 10 minutes earlier every day to find new ways to get us off track when it comes to a healthy athletic diet! Also when we go out with friends it’s not always the most convenient (or cheapest) option to keep on the paleo train.


Just having the right options pre prepared in the house limits the “slip ups” to virtually NONE! Any other time I was home and knew I needed something to fuel me for a few more hours till the next meal, I would see cookies and cake and justify the “benefits” of the fast acting glycimic index of that “food”. Needless to say it never worked out in my favor long term… BUT having the right options through the meal prep is an insane blessing!


I’ll be talking more about food along with the success and uplifting material I have before, but I wanted to share this with you all in case there are some people out there who know this struggle as well!