Please STOP Running

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Ok we are going to change things up

We are going to take a break from the mindset thinking to practical exercise on this one! Now I know we have all heard it before, “I’m gonna loose weight this year!” or “I’m going from couch to 5k this year!” And these goals are great, and if you happen to still be following your New Years “resolution” to loose weight, then you are in the top 20%! So a well deserved congratulations to you!

Now on to the topic at hand, RUNNING

It’s almost inevitable that when someone says they want to loose weight or become more healthy, they’re basically saying “I’m going to start running and or eating right.” Eating right is probably the one thing we can all stand to learn more about by the way, but that’s for another day. But what is so magical about running? Does your body recognize this activity as a major reason to ignite the fat burning warp drive? Or is it that if you go on a 45 min run that it’s the special time frame that will make the magic happen?

Or is it….

That if you do anything with a moderate amount of intensity for 45 minutes straight that your body responds. The truth is that there is nothing special about running at all, except for the fact that it’s the most convenient thing to do, and if something meets the needs (doesn’t require extra work or preparation) it’s guaranteed people will do it. So since you were probably born with legs, have land to run on and don’t have any real dangers waiting outside, why not run?

But let’s think about this running thing

Every year a sports science journal does a pole on which exercise is the most dangerous, guess which is #1, RUNNING! Now they define “dangerous” as most risk for injury, but why is running dangerous? I haven’t heard of anyone breaking a leg or bleeding out on a run…but I have heard almost everyone who decides to start running in January start complaining about knee area and below pain around March. Hence why running is by and large the most dangerous sport every year (even ahead of CrossFit). Most of this however is due to the fact that running form is never considered, people never think about the fact that since they have horrible posture sitting and standing that there’s no way that could carry over when they run. DING DING DING, that’s the reason! If you move like a lazy turd walking and sitting, you’re gonna amplify that about ten times once you do it faster. But your posture is your battle…Just know that’s the root of why you’re snapping your knees and ankles.

Are you ready for the solution

Take the same time period you would have been running, and do some functional exercise! Functional is the keyword, squats, lunges. skates, jump rope, jumping, uni lateral movements etc..There is nothing magical about running, it’s just the fact that you’re in constant motion for 45 mins + that brings a fat loss response. Now I’m not saying stop running all together, but moderate it where it is needed. If it’s your thing and that just puts you in the zone and you have mastered your running posture and technique, then go for it! Someone is going to win the local 5k so why not you with the amazing form! But if general weight loss is the goal then look into body weight work starting out,  then look into CrossFit and then compete in the games (KIDDING).

In Conclusion

Stay active at a moderate high intensity for 45 mins+ per day, it doesn’t have to happen all at once (in fact it’s better if it is spread through out the day). Just do something to move and move well!