Cooking Paleo Isn’t Expensive

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i can’t count how many times I’ve heard the excuse (yes excuse is the right word because that’s all it is) “it’s too expensive to cook paleo… Nope, it’s more expensive to eat out like you do, now that’s the truth. With some simple principals like in the book I collaborated with, Quick Paleo Meal Prep, it’s shown that it is in fact easier and less time consuming to cook paleo at home. So let’s get into this and why I can show you just how simple it is. 

  1. Stew pot
  2. Chefs knife
  3. Deep skillet dish
  4. Cutting board
  5. Wooden spatula with slits (I just like the feel of a wooden spatula over plastic)
  6. Fork and spoon 
  7. Colander for straining 
  8. Hand held peeler 

THAT’S IT, no more and no less, I’ve been cooking with these items for years and have never needed to go buy a fancy gizmo or whosahatsit. All together you can get these things for about $90 and you’ll be set for at least a decade! 

BUY YOUR FOOD IN BULK! I don’t know how to make it more plain, unless WordPress has a super all caps setting I don’t know about. All evidence points to buy from Costco or SAMs to buy paleo foods. Yes you can get a better quality from farmers markets and what not, but this is about pleasing your wallet and not your indie food fetish, so hold onto that thought for later. For now let’s all accept the fact that these big box stores can help us reach our fitness goals much faster. If you don’t trust me then as Nick Massie of, which is where I get a great deal of inspiration for my cooking. The big box stores offer lower prices for the quantities of foods we’re needing, where else can we get 50 bell peppers for a nickle?? We are buying in bulk so that we can prep for a week ahead or even a month if you freeze the meals. 

Go to your local big box store and get the necessary ingredients to prep for a week. Then if you want proof, go to target and get the same ingredients for another week and you tell me which price is better. Also visit paleonick for great recipes that are just as easy and entertaining 🙂 


Finish Line Is In Sight!

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Well I’m nearing the end of the journey of the slow carb challenge, and while I’ve loved the results, im ready to get back to real carbs! Also being able to prep food in advance, for more info on that check out Quick Paleo Meal Prep. But today is the light at the end of the tunnel for sure!


Please excuse the cliche bathroom mirror pic, but I felt more comfortable doing this than asking someone to take the picture while I flexed and winked at them. But here’s the final results, I’m estimating about 7-9 percent body fat (the insta filters help) and ending weight is 168.8 lbs. I maintained a steady 2.5 lb drop per week, weighing myself every morning on the same scale after the same meals every day for consistency and accuracy. I don’t have a before picture mostly because I started this before I really started blogging, but I can tell you it’s been a while since those middle abs have seen the light of day. 

I’ll start with the worst news, the cold showers and what not didn’t have a single benefit! I lost the same amount with a week of warm showers as I did with 3 weeks of cold. I wasn’t happy at all… But the only way to know is to test it. Strength was another area I was concerned about, and unfortunately most of my lifts took a 10 lb dip for working sets. It wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t what I would have liked to see. 

I will be back to normal paleo diet following the 80/20 principal of clean eating. I expect my strength to come back pretty quickly and maybe even move ahead of where they were. I will maintain what I’ve lost, and I’ve heard that once a decent amount of carbs are added back with higher intensity work that extra fat loss isn’t unheard of. So stay tuned and give this challenge a shot, it’s only 30 days! 

Read the 4 hour body and makes one changes in your life 🙂 

You Gots To Eat Fat To Lose Fat

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That’s right friends, you gotta put down the lettuce and pick you up a nice hunk o’ fat if you want those lean GAINZZZZ! And the key to success is preparation, which I go over in the book I collaborated on, Quick Paleo Meal Prep, which is FREE now for 5 more days. Then the price goes to $2.99. If you appreciate the information please leave a review. If there are things you think could use work, in the book, please leave review with concerns. Now let’s eat some fat!

Now that I have your attention, let’s look at what I mean by eating fat to loose weight. Fat is one of the three major “macronutrients” our body needs to survive, the other two being protein and carbs. Fat is one of the magic bullets of the diet world though, because in most circumstances you can substitute carbs (which are more often then not converted to glucose and then BODY fat for storage). Meaning that instead of giving your body more to store to never be used again, more than likely, you can feed it fat that is used right away as energy! Magic bullet without the infomercial 🙂

You’ve probably heard of “healthy” fats, if not I’ll give you the run down. Healthy fats are by and large omega-3s, most commonly found in fish, egg yolks and slimy plants (avocado, chia seeds, okra and many more). Consuming these fats helps your body to “grease the wheels” as it were, and operate more effiently and with better clarity. Animal fats can be beneficial only if they are on a grain and GMO free diet. Should they be eating grains and other unhealthy foods then their fat contains toxins that were quarantined and probably wouldn’t be good for you either. 

This isn’t a license to go nuts (pun intended because nuts are also a great source of healthy fats), rather it’s meant to explain that not all fat is bad. I’m not a doctor and I don’t play one on the Internet, if you have a medical condition consult your doctor before changing your diet. If you want to start adding fats into your diet you first need to back off the carbs, mostly SUGAR. Start slow and work your way into little or no carbs if your goal is weight loss. If you’re an athlete just kill the sugar and add a handful of almonds or alvocado in at every meal. 

Next time you’re at chipotle or some place that offers guac (besides subway!!) get the guac ,if allergies and health permits, instead of a heavy carb like rice or bread. Do this for one week and leave comments with results as to how you feel. 

Slow Carb WHAT??

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Slow Carb is a fancy term used by Tim  Ferriss, aka most interesting man in the world, to describe a mostly paleo diet. It doesn’t lend itself well to meal prep though, but I can help remedy that with the Quick Paleo Meal Prep book I collaborated with. Check it out here on Amazon for .99 for a limited time. 

It’s the least fun, most results driven and budget friendly plan for weight loss I’ve encountered so far! The gist is that you eat a small list of foods with low glycemic indexes, limit the “domino” or high calorie foods that are allowed. The list mostly includes vegetables that are not dense, so no onions or carrots or anything of that sort. The one thing that makes this plan work for me is the addition of beans to the menu! Even though you might need to deploy measures that limit gas, which beano is a great remedy…so I heard, it makes all the difference! 

Beans are naturally caloricly DENSE food, so they give you sustained energy as well as suppress the appetite. This is my saving grace, because the reason a strict paleo diet fails is due to foods that leave you feeling empty after every meal. And if your an athlete, it’s hard to focus on getting a great workout in when your in a haze of hunger all day. 

 And high reps with moderate loads requires some focus… 
Beans are the magical ingredient to this diet that gives the energy to carelessly drift from meal to meal without the nagging sense of hunger lingering over you. 

I wake up to an ICE COLD 16oz cup of water, put two eggs and three egg whites in the microwave (because yes I want cancer). While that’s cooking I prep the French press while brushing my teeth, multi tasking like a champ while stumbling around half awake. Eat and chug on the road to the gym, get there and crush it daily. For lunch I have one can black beans and two chicken breast.  

 Mind your digits when opening cans…

Then dinner is most always a chipotle burrito bowl with black beans, chicken, mild salsa, lettuce and guac. I’ve kept this up for two weeks, along with cold therapy through cold showers, and lost 8.5 lbs so far. 

Gloss over the 4 hour body by Tim Ferriss or listen to it on YouTube. Pick up some useful stuff and be entertained by his antics. Have a great day!

Take A Step BACK

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ok first thing’s first before I forget, I collaborated with a book that has been recently published to kindle, Quick Paleo Meal Prep. And want some HONEST input. If I gift you the book will you post an HONEST review, it’s a bit more professional/technical writing. But if you could help me out then just leave a comment with your email (I’ll delete it as soon as I get it to avoid creepers). 

I decided to get a friend to video my squat to see if there were any technique issues I needed to workout. In short, I pretty much hung up lifting for about two weeks. Between the rounding of upper back and butt winking (when your lower back curves), and the knees diving in, I basically looked like hammered dog poo in the bottom of my squat. This is especially rough for me since I’ve worked my way from a 285 one rep max, to 305 for somewhat easy working sets. All at a body weight of 173 lbs., but here we go. 

Well after crying in a dark room for a few hours and eating my feelings, I came back to the gym with a goal to fix me. I started by subscribing to the Crossfit journal (only $30/year I think), and watched every video by jelly starrett that I could on fixing these issues. I started with ankle mobility and worked my way up. It’s challenging to not go all out on stretches. After all, you see him glide in and out of these positions that I’m shaking and panting in like an uncontrollable furbie doll (aging myself with that reference). 

I’ve mobilized the nasty tissue and now I’m strengthening the muscles that are probably on par with a 5th graders at this point. However the form though is looking much better, and I feel more solid in the bottom of the squat. So that’s a plus! It’s going to be a long journey back to the top, but I’m confident that it’ll be a higher peak once I get there! 
Video an exercise you enjoy and compare it to a professional with their technique. Analyze what they’re doing that you’re not, and how you can get better. 

Your Opinion Matters!

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Too many times in life we accept ourselves as someone with nothing to offer. We have things that we know, but shrink ourselves so as to not stand out. Nothing could be further from the truth! 

Not in the literal sense of knowing everything, but your life has afforded you the unique experiences to grant you knowledge in different  areas. You may have grown up in an area that is filled with wealth, therefore you have the inate knowledge of sophisticated living that others couldn’t attain through years of study. The opposite is just as true, you could have bee so poor that you learned to appreciate life in it’s most simple elements. Either way, you and your experiences MATTER!

There are things that you have a passion for that no one else does. You’ve taken the time to learn and grow your knowledge in this area, and that is an invaluable resource! Whether it’s fashion, investing, history or door knob shining, you hold the key to that information. Without people like you this world would be filled with the same person multiplied hundreds of thousands of times. It would be LAME! So thank you for your interest and passions. 

I wanted to share this with you because I was involved (hopefully we have more content headed your way!) with the writing of a short kindle book “Quick Paleo Meal Prep“. It’s in the Amazon kindle store, just search the title and it’s either free or .99. But after it was done I couldn’t help but realize that if it weren’t for two people being passionate about something, things and information would never be shared like that. So anyway, you’re special and I support you! 
Find an area of your life that you’ve excelled in and take a moment to realize the joy it’s brought you. Also how that knowledge has been able to affect others lives. 

Eating Paleo For Muscle

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Yea that paleo thing is fine if you wanna loose weight or stay lean, but I wanna get JACKED! If I had a nickle for every time I heard this I’d have a lot of nickles. “Paleo” isn’t just a diet that people go on to loose weight, it’s a lifestyle. 

A diet is a short term way  of eating that restricts calories to promote weight loss. There is certainly emphasis on the “short” term. Most people get to where they want to be and then go off the rails in a big way, gain all the weight back, and start the cycle over again in a year when they’re heavier than the last year. It’s a cycle that 80% of people subscribe to and accept. 

So if a diet is a restriction of calories then weight gain is a surplus right? YUP, true you’ll need to eat more, volume wise, if you’re focusing on paleo, but your gains will have much more quality! So how I did it was about as simple as it gets. I ate balanced portions to total higher than average calories per day, but after my workouts I would have about a pound of mashed sweet potato and two cups of ground beef (fat drained). 

Because that’s the only time your body is willing to shuttle nutrients focused on muscle growth! Your muscle size is almost dead last on your bodies priority list, so when it’s been pushed to the limit or close, that’s when you need to cram all the QUALITY food in you can. Do a little home research on the glut4 compound and how it aids in muscle growth, you’ll be glad you did. For now you need to focus on totaling up how many calories you need to gain weight (300-400 over normal per day), and make that post workout meal as big as you can stomach without throwing up your gainz. Don’t factor in the post workout as your daily expenditure, as your body will put those foods to use ASAP. 

If your goal is weight gain then put this to the test. However if you’re focused on weight loss I would still add the post workout meal in there, just a whole lot smaller. This helps your body restore glucose stores after intense workouts and gets rid of the shakes of you’re training on a deficit. Again these calories basically don’t count if you put in a high quality workout, cause your body will put them to use right away.