Cooking Paleo Isn’t Expensive

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i can’t count how many times I’ve heard the excuse (yes excuse is the right word because that’s all it is) “it’s too expensive to cook paleo… Nope, it’s more expensive to eat out like you do, now that’s the truth. With some simple principals like in the book I collaborated with, Quick Paleo Meal Prep, it’s shown that it is in fact easier and less time consuming to cook paleo at home. So let’s get into this and why I can show you just how simple it is. 

  1. Stew pot
  2. Chefs knife
  3. Deep skillet dish
  4. Cutting board
  5. Wooden spatula with slits (I just like the feel of a wooden spatula over plastic)
  6. Fork and spoon 
  7. Colander for straining 
  8. Hand held peeler 

THAT’S IT, no more and no less, I’ve been cooking with these items for years and have never needed to go buy a fancy gizmo or whosahatsit. All together you can get these things for about $90 and you’ll be set for at least a decade! 

BUY YOUR FOOD IN BULK! I don’t know how to make it more plain, unless WordPress has a super all caps setting I don’t know about. All evidence points to buy from Costco or SAMs to buy paleo foods. Yes you can get a better quality from farmers markets and what not, but this is about pleasing your wallet and not your indie food fetish, so hold onto that thought for later. For now let’s all accept the fact that these big box stores can help us reach our fitness goals much faster. If you don’t trust me then as Nick Massie of, which is where I get a great deal of inspiration for my cooking. The big box stores offer lower prices for the quantities of foods we’re needing, where else can we get 50 bell peppers for a nickle?? We are buying in bulk so that we can prep for a week ahead or even a month if you freeze the meals. 

Go to your local big box store and get the necessary ingredients to prep for a week. Then if you want proof, go to target and get the same ingredients for another week and you tell me which price is better. Also visit paleonick for great recipes that are just as easy and entertaining 🙂 


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