You Gots To Eat Fat To Lose Fat

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That’s right friends, you gotta put down the lettuce and pick you up a nice hunk o’ fat if you want those lean GAINZZZZ! And the key to success is preparation, which I go over in the book I collaborated on, Quick Paleo Meal Prep, which is FREE now for 5 more days. Then the price goes to $2.99. If you appreciate the information please leave a review. If there are things you think could use work, in the book, please leave review with concerns. Now let’s eat some fat!

Now that I have your attention, let’s look at what I mean by eating fat to loose weight. Fat is one of the three major “macronutrients” our body needs to survive, the other two being protein and carbs. Fat is one of the magic bullets of the diet world though, because in most circumstances you can substitute carbs (which are more often then not converted to glucose and then BODY fat for storage). Meaning that instead of giving your body more to store to never be used again, more than likely, you can feed it fat that is used right away as energy! Magic bullet without the infomercial 🙂

You’ve probably heard of “healthy” fats, if not I’ll give you the run down. Healthy fats are by and large omega-3s, most commonly found in fish, egg yolks and slimy plants (avocado, chia seeds, okra and many more). Consuming these fats helps your body to “grease the wheels” as it were, and operate more effiently and with better clarity. Animal fats can be beneficial only if they are on a grain and GMO free diet. Should they be eating grains and other unhealthy foods then their fat contains toxins that were quarantined and probably wouldn’t be good for you either. 

This isn’t a license to go nuts (pun intended because nuts are also a great source of healthy fats), rather it’s meant to explain that not all fat is bad. I’m not a doctor and I don’t play one on the Internet, if you have a medical condition consult your doctor before changing your diet. If you want to start adding fats into your diet you first need to back off the carbs, mostly SUGAR. Start slow and work your way into little or no carbs if your goal is weight loss. If you’re an athlete just kill the sugar and add a handful of almonds or alvocado in at every meal. 

Next time you’re at chipotle or some place that offers guac (besides subway!!) get the guac ,if allergies and health permits, instead of a heavy carb like rice or bread. Do this for one week and leave comments with results as to how you feel. 


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