PALEO PREP Post Workout 

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ok I forgot to take pictures! I told myself to before I started that I would, but as you’ll see, no pictures :/. I’ll take you through my process though :). I go into whys and what not a lot more in the book Quick Paleo Meal Prep which I collaborated with. You can check it out here for .99 for a little while longer. Also we get into the reasons for the paleo diet for athletes. Leave us a rating and some reviews to let us know if we need to change anything, HONEST feedback is greatly appreciated. 
Depending on your goals the size of the sweet potatoes will vary. When I was gaining weight from 165 to 180, I had roughly 1 lb. potatoes with each meal. This may seem like a lot, and it feels like a lot when you’re eating this. But if your goal is weight gain you need to fuel your body with as many calories as you can, when it needs it. Also if you’re training for weight loss you need to apply this as well, not in the same quantity of course though. If you’re loosing weight you need to stick to one small sweet potato per workout. 

Now this is the red blooded American portion of the post workout. There’s no greater substitute for post workout meat than 80/20 beef! We go into the benefits of the 80/20 in the book. But it’s just a magical thing :). The portions should be the same across the board, I buy 3 lbs. 80% lean and 1 lb. 90% lean. This mix ensures the best success for lean gains that I’ve found. You’ll need protein for muscle building, and excess protein during weight loss curbs hunger, so don’t be shy!

The easiest way that I’ve found to get this done in around 40 or less minutes is…

1. Put large skillet on high heat and put one large pot filled with water (will take trial and error to find the right amount), on high heat as well
2. Peel potatoes and season the meat (salt and pepper)
3. Set meat in skillet and brown, you can add Italian seasoning if you like. VERY light though, it has a powerful flavor. 
4. While meat is cooking cut potatoes into roughly 1″ cubes (again trail and error). Add to water
5. Once meat is rare browned (still pink in some areas) strain the fat in a colander and rinse with hot water to remove fat. Then put meat back in pan, it will cook the rest of the way through as it rests
6. Once ALL potatoes have deep cracks forming in them, take them and strain them as well. Put them back in the pot and mash them up. I use a wooden spoon I’ve been cooking with to do this, but you can use a beater. 
7. Get 5 tupperware bowls out and divide meat equally first, then mashed potatoes on top so it looks like an orange shepards pie. Let it cool, put it in the fridge, and you’re done!

Do this and see how you like it! Leave comments for questions. And please check out the book, only .99 right now, and leave reviews with suggestions. Thanks 🙂 


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